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At SP Auto Tech, our bedrock of unparalleled expertise and steadfast commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction is complemented by a vast array of services. Our experienced team of engineers brings to the table unmatched knowledge in vehicle electrical systems, diagnostics, and comprehensive manufacturing solutions like MES, Process Control, Guided Assembly, DC Tooling, Rolling Road, and Wheel Alignment. Their proficiency in EOL Test & Sequence Authoring marks us as leaders in our field.
True to our core values, we offer an extensive portfolio of engineering services spanning the complete lifecycle of vehicle design, integration, and manufacturing. From conceptualization and prototyping to Body/Vehicle Assembly, Vehicle Configuration, Testing, Aftermarket Vehicle Diagnostics, and Plant Systems & Infrastructure, our expertise is both broad and deep, ensuring we meet every need with precision.
In tune with the digital transformation reshaping the automotive industry, SP Auto Tech has ventured into the realm of online sales, offering a wide range of products. This strategic expansion into e-commerce not only broadens our service offering but also bolsters our commitment to accessibility, allowing us to serve an expanded customer base with our quality solutions.
Additionally, we have evolved our service offerings to include bespoke software development. This initiative is driven by our recognition of the unique needs and challenges faced by our clients in the digital age. By offering tailor-made software solutions, we aim to provide our clients with highly customized tools and applications that enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and support their specific strategic objectives. This further demonstrates our flexibility and innovative approach to solving complex problems and our dedication to offering comprehensive, integrated solutions that address the full spectrum of our clients' needs.
SP Auto Tech’s commitment to forging strategic partnerships with other reputable companies within the automotive industry is unwavering. By aligning with firms that match our high standards of quality and innovation, we ensure that our Service Level Agreements foster mutual growth and success. We are dedicated to identifying and implementing the most efficient and effective solutions tailored to meet our clients’ exact requirements, leveraging integrated services from multiple vendors to deliver unparalleled value.
In essence, SP Auto Tech is a synthesis of traditional excellence and cutting-edge innovation. Our commitment to precision-engineered solutions is now enriched with online sales for a diverse product range and bespoke software development, reaffirming our dedication to evolving with industry trends while focusing relentlessly on surpassing our clients' expectations.



We provide outstanding, progressive services that together, deliver premium, current solutions to many engineering needs, supplying our customers with innovative technology of a superior quality and service.



With our forward thinking engineering expertise we offer a tailored, flexible solution specifically for your requirements and across multiple vendors. As the market changes and going forward, we welcome and embrace the challenge of technology and engineering of the future.



At SP Auto Tech we act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do. We build trust through responsible actions and transparent relationships guided by sound moral and ethical principles.

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