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SP Auto Tech was founded in 2019 by Stuart Andrews and Andy Pitt. With over 50 years of experience between us we offer technically advanced innovative automotive solutions with the capability to adapt and adjust as the market progresses in technology. SP Auto Tech offer the highest expertise and are fully committed to supporting our operational and client needs. SP Auto Tech look forward to progressing towards gaining ISO 9001 accreditation showing our commitment to the development of our future growth.

SP Auto Tech’s highly qualified Engineers have knowledge of vehicle electrical architectures and the testing thereof via diagnostics and other methods including extensive experience in design, installation and commissioning of manufacturing solutions such as MES, Process Control, Guided Assembly, DC Tooling, Rolling Road, Wheel Alignment, and are fully proficient in EOL Test & Sequence Authoring.

Adhering to our Core Values we offer a wide range of Engineering Services and have skillsets covering all areas of vehicle design, integration & manufacture from conception and prototype phases through to Body/Vehicle Assembly, Vehicle Configuration and Testing, Aftermarket Vehicle Diagnostics, Plant Systems & Infrastructure.

At SP Auto Tech we have a wealth of knowledge in relation to Vehicle Configuration and Test systems and only utilize other respected Companies that have proven backgrounds in Automotive to strengthen our company offerings. It is our combined objective to offer Service Level Agreements that mutually benefit both SP Auto Tech and its customers. We will look for the best overall solutions to meet the clients exact requirements, to include mixing, matching and integrating from multiple vendors to obtain the most cost effective and beneficial solution.

SP Auto Tech have also been heavily involved in product design programmes and as such can offer many other services not directly related to core competencies including Electrical Distribution Systems (EDS), Electrical Node Management, In-Vehicle Software and release management, ICE & Electrical Propulsion Systems, 3D CAD Creation, Packaging electrical systems, Interior Trim engineering, design and release.



We provide outstanding, progressive services that together, deliver premium, current solutions to many engineering needs, supplying our customers with innovative technology of a superior quality and service.



With our forward thinking engineering expertise we offer a tailored, flexible solution specifically for your requirements and across multiple vendors. As the market changes and going forward, we welcome and embrace the challenge of technology and engineering of the future.



At SP Auto Tech we act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do. We build trust through responsible actions and transparent relationships guided by sound moral and ethical principles.

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