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SP Auto Tech consultants have worked with many Vehicle Configuration & Test System Suppliers over the years as well as working directly for OEM’s. We therefore have practical knowledge from both a client and customer perspective and can aid with the specification and smooth implementation of these systems.

Our main aim is to demystify the methods & technologies for the client, create specifications required by test system suppliers, aid with IT landscape requirements, define and scope the integration with facilities such as Rolling Roads and Wheel Alignment and create platform diagnostic tender documents with the aim to receive fair and comparable submissions from suppliers.

System Benefits

Many benefits exist with a fully integrated Assembly & Testing Solution

Reduce build errors and rework

Guided operator process control, Kitting, Pick to light, Sequence control based on features, Quality alerts, DC Tooling Integration, Circuit & Component checks.

Traceability and correct fitment of components

Scanned, Read back from ECU, Test results, Fluid Levels, Torque & Angle Results.

Visual Inspection

Mark vehicle quality issues on graphic and build up heat maps showing common build issues.

Supplier cost savings

Flashing & Configuring of Vehicle ECU’s on site.

Process control

Ensure all off-track processes are followed and in the correct order.

As-built data

Ensure ECU Part numbers are sent to Service during Final Health Check.

Warranty assistance

Easily view Asbuilt data, and results and compare with vehicle under service.

Plant Safety

Limit off-track processes based on previous results, Speed limit vehicles.

Vehicle Health Check

Ensure vehicle is electrically sound, and all components functioning prior to shipment.