10 Electrodes – Tungsten E3 Ø4.8 – Purple (Ac/Dc – Aluminium/Steel)

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10 Electrodes – Tungsten E3 Ø4.8 – Purple (Ac/Dc – Aluminium/Steel)

10 Electrodes – Tungsten E3 Ø4.8 – Purple (Ac/Dc – Aluminium/Steel) – Tungsten electrodes are used for TIG welding. The very high melting temperature of Tungsten (approx. 3400°C) maintains an electric arc between the workpiece and the electrode without wearing out the electrode quickly. Several types of electrodes exist depending on the processes used. The EN26848 and ISO 6848 standards provide information on these electrodes.

E3® Tungsten electrodes (Purple) provide great flexibility of use. They are particularly recommended for welding steel, stainless steel, copper and brass at low to medium intensities. They can also be used to weld aluminium using alternating current.
Non-radioactive, they have characteristics close to the thoriated Tungsten electrode. They are easy to ignite and offers an excellent weldbead aesthetics. They are suitable for automatic welding.


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