GYS Powerduction B1 Protective Ferrite

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GYS Powerduction B1 Protective Ferrite

GYS Powerduction B1 Protective Ferrite. Our original range of induction machines (POWERDUCTION + COMBIDUCTION) has been further expanded to include an even wider range of inductors. Specifically designed for the various induction processes. The three ranges offered (small, large and complete) can be easily adapted to heat workpieces of every shape and size and make it easier to reach difficult areas. These devices can be combined in numerous different ways, vastly increasing your heating options and satisfying all your induction needs.


The entire automatic-inductor range is ideal for stripping and decoupling as well as removing dents and all other mechanical parts in just seconds. These auto-inductors can be used to support induction machines. These have been specially developed for the automotive, bodywork, mechanical or maintenance sectors (GYSDUCTION, COMBIDUCTION, POWERDUCTION 10R).


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Founded in 1964, GYS has evolved into a global powerhouse with a diverse team of over 900 professionals stationed worldwide. Our corporate philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to investment, coupled with a robust research and development framework. As an industry leader, they excel in the conceptualization and production of state-of-the-art welding machines, battery chargers, and automotive body repair equipment.