GYSflash 1.12 Charger – (Uk)

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GYSFLASH 1.12 Charger – (UK)

The GYSFLASH 1.12 Charger is specifically designed to charge small vehicles’ 12V batteries such as motorbikes, jet-skis, go-karts or lawnmowers. Its 7 step intelligent charging curve provides an optimal charge and charges in half the time of a traditional charger.



• Designed for 12 V batteries from 1.2 to 32 Ah, or for maintenance charging up to a 100 Ah.
• CAN BUS compatibility for motorbikes : charges automatically (no monitoring required) and safely without the key in the ignition (optional cable).
• Optimised maintenance charge, the charger can remain plugged in inde initely during winter to maintain the health of the battery.
• «Auto Restart» feature in the event of a power cut.



• The 7 step charging curve ensures maximum battery performance and longevity.
• It can recover deeply discharged / sulfated batteries (SOS Recovery )



• Simplified interface to prevent user error.
• Protection of the vehicle’s on-board electronics: protection against short circuits, polarity reversal and overcharging. Anti-spark technology.
• Automatic stand-by mode if the battery is disconnected.
• Integrated temperature probe to prevent internal electronics’ overheating.



• Ultra-compact design, light and portable.
• Quick / easy to connect waterproof connectors.
• Casing is water and dust proof (IP65).
• Can be attached to a wall.


Please see the datasheet for more information.


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Research – With over 90 expert engineers, the research and development department creates designs for our products. In addition to this, in 2014, GYS opened a new research centre. As a result we continue to improve solutions and improvements. Furthermore, we listen to our customers. We then combine the results with our engineering department and can constantly offer new products to meet demands.

Integration – Visiting our site guides customers through a wide range of functions. This includes but is not limited to, electronic, mechanical, transformer, wiring, sheet metal and painting. The factory has an ISO 9001 certification allowing us to be responsive to customer needs too. Therefore, the continuous improvement in performance are the back bone for our existence. We consider it the guarantee for our future success.

Reach- Present in over 130 countries, GYS have their head office in France in addition to expanding its worldwide presence.

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GYSFLASH 1.12 Charger