Startpack Truck – (Uk)

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STARTPACK TRUCK – (UK) – The STARTPACK TRUCK instantaneously starts HGVs, cars, camper vans and vans (both petrol and diesel).



The two, in-built, 22 Ah batteries turn the STARTPACK TRUCK into a powerful, portable 12 V, DC power supply that can be used to support various electrical appliances; televisions, lights and laptops, etc.



Can be used at night or in low-light environments that to its in-built, LED, seven-light lighting system (7 x 3.6 W).



Automatic, 230 V (12 V floating) charger: allowing the internal battery to charge autonomously.
– Battery can be charged to 100% maxmising its service life and efficiency.
– Can be left permanently connected to the mains system (the GYSPACK needs to be charged after every use).
Built-in tester to check the internal battery’s charge level.
ON/OFF switch to prevent misuse.
Alarm system in instances of reversed polarity.
Copper cables (2 x 1.80 m, ø 25 mm²) with isolated, 600 A clamps.
Equipped with an easily replaceable external fuse (replacement fuse included)


Please take a look at the DataSheet or Manual if you require anymore info.


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